Monday, March 11, 2013

Familial Obesity and Gut Flora

"It is a commonly observed phenomena that a tendency to gain weight is often familial. Given the relationship between gut flora and metabolic syndrome, it seems likely that one important cause of familial obesity may have to do with the fact that we inherit our gut microflora from our parents, primarily our mother. In utero the baby’s gut is sterile, but when the baby passes through the birth canal, she swallows the mother’s microflora, which comes from the mother’s and father’s intestinal tracts. This is how a baby inherits the microbiome of the parents. If the parents have a tendency to insulin resistance caused by their gut flora, then their child will also have these tendencies. I can imagine that one day obesity will not be treated with bariatric surgery, but with faecal transplant."

Gut Flora, Pregnancy and Metabolic Syndrome | Boston Holistic Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst