Friday, February 8, 2013

17 Tips for Leaky Guts

"To be able to find relief from the [leaky gut] symptoms, it is vital to plug the leak and reduce the intestinal permeability. Here are a few tips which have been compiled from all the measures that have been found useful by those suffering from a leaky gut."

Here are the 17 tips:

  1. Keep Your Diet Simple
  2. Go Natural
  3. Eat More Fibre
  4. Try Probiotics
  5. Consume Fermented Foods
  6. Increase Antioxidant Intake
  7. Try Peppermint Tea
  8. Use Marshmallow Root
  9. Plug Leaks with Slippery Elm
  10. Include Digestive Enzymes
  11. Use Healing Supplements
  12. Make Your Own Health Broth
  13. Use Healthy Oils
  14. Watch Your Medicaments
  15. Make Change a Norm
  16. Reduce Alcohol Intake
  17. Treat Parasitic Infections

Read the post for descriptions on each.

17 Tips On How to Heal Leaky Gut | Why Am I Unhealthy?